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BOTTIS provide a series of services to support our customers – architects, consultants, builders, real estate developers; from design, construction to maintenance and modernization of their buildings.

We hope our service support can help you to achieve the business target, since we believe this is the most important value to both of us.








BOTTIS provides CAD drawings to help the customers to get the right solution of the building construction. The professional design helps our customer to maximize their elevator car size and achieve the maximum business value to the building owner.

The scientific and reasonable design of BOTTIS lifts makes the installation easier and more efficient, greatly reduces the construction cost and shortens the construction period. Our professional and responsible installation team will provide you with the most economical, fastest and best quality service.

BOTTIS offers maintenance and monitoring solutions that maximize reliability and safety while minimizing downtime and costs. Our proficient technical engineers will provide you with timely and professional solutions to all lift faults.