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Advanced Control System

Use super level of integration rate 32 chip which is developed by German Step Sigriner Elektronik GmbH;
Equipped with the encoder multi-purpose connections, to frequency inverter non-frequency division request;
Realize the level precision smaller than 3mm when elevator directly stopped;
Serial access communication technology and humanize design.


Efficient Motion System

Permanent Magnet Gearless tract machine;
Compare to traditional traction machine, it saves energy consumption more than 40%;
It is designed for sound environmentally friendly, the noise range is generally be low 5 ~ 10 decibels;
It has Long service life, safe and reliable;
No oil, it does not need to be lubricated;
Save more construction space for our customers.


Stable and Reliable Door Operator Systems

Synchronized belt drive with big driving capacity and higher control accuracy;
Door operator installs on the top of elevator car directly and it can be adjusted conveniently;
Rated frequency conversion motor with low frequency and large moment force;
Advanced VVVF digital motor processor and IPM intellectualized power module;
It uses operation front panel with digital display